Art is not a luxury. Art belongs to everyone.

Let us spruce up a corner of your world with a $15 gift.

The time for art is now. Art reassures us during perilous times by expanding our senses and feeding the hunger in our souls. Art reminds us of our capacity for laughter, grief, joy, and contemplation.  It refuses to be utilitarian. Instead, it makes us human.

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What is Printable Art for Charity? Why is it so affordable?

Just Jinx was founded with the incurable conviction that art belongs to everyone. We create high-quality artworks and make them available at a low cost to those that typically cannot afford art.  Our clients appreciate helping others in need with their purchases.

$5 from every single image purchase goes to the nonprofit, the Living Arts Corporation.

Choose from over 400 art pieces created by Jinx Davis & guest artists. 

A printable is an artwork that you can purchase online and instantly receive as a downloadable digital file. It doesn’t matter where you live in the world. You can print your new artwork from a home printer, or take it to your local print shop.

It is a bold way to buy art that democratizes owning art. 

The Living Arts Corporation supports artists in need and marginalized communities in personal and unobtrusive ways so they may keep their dignity as they face challenges. Our trust in each other is crucial as we navigate through the COVID crisis.  Happiness is local, and the Living Arts Corporation works on personal levels to assist individuals and families. Our present crisis has proved that being generous is core to our well-being. Learn why Jinx Davis created this site and how your $5 will assist some wonderful people around the world.

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The Maja Soric Collection is live!

Maja Soric is both a painter and a jewelry designer who has exhibited across Europe, the USA, Middle East, and Africa.  Her work is stunning and original paintings have sold well into the thousands. It is an honor to have her work available as printable art and a rare opportunity for art lovers.

Like all guest artists, Maja set her own prices for her pieces and will also contribute $5 from each sale to the Living Arts Corporation. To grasps the power of her experience and artistry, please visit

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