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The Maja Soric Collection

Croatian artist and jewelry designer Maja Soric is a master at creating pieces that evoke worlds and emotions across boundaries of cultures. She has been exhibited prolifically across the continents. This collection of paintings comes from her many years in Cairo, Egypt. To allow them to be presented as printable art on our site is an honor – especially since her paintings have sold for thousands of dollars and adorn the walls of homes across the world.  

Maja welcomed me to Croatia and generously shared her vast knowledge of cultural icons, ideas, and individuals who shaped Eastern Europe before and after the war. She is as vibrant a woman as she is an artist. It is a pleasure to call her my friend.   

“From the instant that she embarked on the creative adventure of mastering art forms, Maja Sorić immersed herself into the magical world of the Orient, thus discovering its expressive force and artistic wealth which had enchanted so many artists of the traditional West. Being inspired by the authentic urban landscapes of Oriental souqs and bazaars, through the surreal chaos of Oriental urban architecture and everyday life, Maja Sorić developed her own sophisticated style as a landscaper of oriental scenery and panorama.  – Damir Grubisa, Ph.D. American University of Rome

To learn more about Maja Soric and experience her incredible jewelry designs, please visit www.MajaSoric.com.

Purchasing one of her pieces will be a rare chance to live with her images and allow them to intrigue your mind and heart.  – Jinx Davis

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