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What is Printable Art? Why is it important now?

Most of us cannot afford art, but with printables, you can update the art on your walls whenever you wish.

A printable is an artwork that you can purchase online and after payment is received you instantly receive a downloadable digital file, most-commonly in JPG, PNG, or PDF format. It doesn’t matter where you live in the world. Small sizes can be printed on a home printer or taken to a local print shop. Frame it in an inexpensive frame or go fancy and have it professionally framed if you have the budget. It is a bold way to buy art that democratizes owning art since it is very affordable and accessible.  Print shops are inexpensive in most parts of the world and a large poster can often be printed for under $10.  

Simply change the art prints in your frames and rejuvenate your environment without financial stress. It also assists creators. An artist can sell printable works and still own the original creation. This provides the artist a chance to sell art and over time earn a respectable price for creating it. The originals can always be sold privately or in galleries.  It does not disrespect the world of galleries and art collectors since their business operates in a different sphere. Printable art makes perfect sense during times such as the COVID pandemic. Mail delivery has become perilous and severely tardy in many parts of the world. Many communities have experienced shut-downs, economic woes, school closures, while families are cooped up together bereft of the usual social interactions. Our home environments have become ever more crucial to our well-being.

When you purchase a printable from Just Jinx, it becomes available to download directly from the checkout page upon payment confirmation. I will also send you a download notification email inviting you to download your new printable wall art. You will receive a link for different JPG files of the same artwork compressed in a .zip file. I suggest downloading on a computer, not your phone or tablet. To open the file double-click on it and let your computer show you the folders and files contained inside. In most operating systems, such as Windows and Mac OS, ZIP files are handled internally, without the need for any extra software. If you do need an archive manager software or application, several free ones are available, such as WinRAR, PeaZip, and iZIP. These applications also have a free version for iPhones and Androids, allowing you to unzip files from your cell phone. 

Once downloaded you can upload them to an online service, or email your files to a local print shop. USB drives work, too.

Presently I allow you to use each of the sizes in your order three times over a 30 day period. For most pieces, this means you have 21 prints available to you.  Remember to use them within 30 days!

You may wish to pick a frame prior to printing to learn whether you should ask your printer to use an inside or outside bleed or margin to fit the size of the frame. You are free to print them on anything you choose. If you are printing on paper you should choose a heavyweight matte photo paper, a white cover card stock, satin, or semi-gloss paper. Since our art is original and created in several different mediums, I suggest you steer away from the gloss and use matte paper if it is available. The quality paper makes a huge difference. Printing practices differ throughout the world. If you are in the US you can always print at Staples, Walmart, Costco, Kinkos, Target, FedEx, or the many local small printers in your area. Non-US customers may have similar big chains but it is always wise to use a local small business if possible. They need all the support they can get as they struggle to stay alive during the pandemic.

Unlike many Etsy shops or other online printable sites, many of our original pieces may not use colors in RGB color mode, which is a standard from most professional print services. Your print may differ slightly in color. Do not be alarmed when the print shows ink marks, canvas texture, or uneven layering. This is all part of mixed media creations. Do not consider them blemishes! If edges or areas are a little fuzzy, it was part of the process and not an error.

I do not give refunds, especially since my mission is to support charity projects. If you are disappointed in your purchase, please contact me and you may select any other piece for free. It is not my purpose to provide printable art like the majority available online. This is why I do not presently offer it in very small sizes. If you want your selection in sizes smaller than 12×18 inches or 8×8 inches for square images, please feel free to contact me or use the many free photo resizers available online. Simply search for ‘online photo resizer’. 

Even if you cannot imagine our selections in your home, school, or workplace, I hope you will purchase something to give to a neighbor, child, local service provider, delivery person, teacher, nursing home, women’s shelter, medical staff – or even a stranger. Print out a piece and pass it along as a gentle and surprising act of acknowledgment and kindness. You don’t even have to put it in a frame if you so choose. Just carefully roll it up in paper, add a bow.  Leave it on a doorstep, in a mailbox or simply hand it to a stranger who looks like they are having a difficult day. Art is for all and now is a meaningful time to share it. 

To my knowledge, there is no other site donating as much of their proceeds to charity. By business practices, it is crazy to do so. I’m not crazy, but I am asking for your help. Please read about the projects and non-profit you are helping to support with your purchase. I would be honored to have you on my team.

We printed samples at a local print shop called Spektar Kopi, Print i Foto at Vlaška 45, Zagreb. Jurica and Mario were wonderful young men to work with. Since matte paper is difficult to find here, the art was printed on heavyweight semi-gloss paper. Here are videos of a few sizes printed. The price for printing was very reasonable.

Our artists retain the rights to their work. The files you receive are for personal use only and cannot be used for commercial purposes. Online, commercial reselling, and personal sharing of these files is strictly prohibited.
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