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Just Jinx- Printable Art for Charity Press Release


Just Jinx scales up efforts to help artists hit hard by the pandemic by offering original art as printable download

Just Jinx offers hope to artists wading through the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic by offering original art as printable downloads at incredibly affordable prices. 

Just Jinx has scaled up efforts to help artists and communities hard-hit by the COVID-19 pandemic by offering original art as printable downloads.

The organization has already created more than 400 pieces aimed at extending a helping hand to the individuals and communities facing severe challenges.


“We offer original art as printable art downloads at incredibly affordable prices so that more of us can live with images that enrich our lives,” says Jinx Davis, founder of the organization. 

The site was recently launched, bannered by a new collection from Maja Soric, a renowned Croatian artist. Art enthusiasts could also choose from the hundreds of art pieces created by Jinx and guest artists during the pandemic. 

Printable art is an artwork people can purchase online and instantly receive as a downloadable digital file. 

Jinx says it is a bold way to buy art that democratizes owning art. Print shops are inexpensive in most parts of the world, and a large poster can be printed for under $10.  


Jinx herself has been an actress, artist, and entrepreneur for the last 50 years. She says the organization aims to sell unique original downloadable art prints to those who care about assisting individuals that are taking a big hit from the pandemic.

Five dollars from each selection goes to the Living Arts Corporation, a United States-based non-profit organization that supports arts and culture worldwide.

At a time of global uncertainty, Jinx says art has remained steadfast in “reassuring us by expanding our senses and feeding the hunger in our souls.”

“Art in all its written, performed, and visual forms remind us of our capacity for laughter, grief, joy, and contemplation. Art refuses to be utilitarian. Instead, it makes us human,” adds Jinx.

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Jinx Davis, the Director of the Living Arts Corporation, says she has always been able to self-fund their own projects. 

However, she found herself unable to provide emergency funding and support for artists and communities during the onslaught of COVID-19.

Jinx knew she had to find another way and came up with Just Jinx – Art for Charity.

“In everything we do, we try to connect. The arts help shape personal and global culture. They provide clues to tackle challenges and engage in improving the state of the world, whether in a small neighborhood or on a grand scale,” Jinx says. “We trust in the potential of experience to elicit more empathy, birth new ideas, shift our perceptions, and lead to action. 

In 1994, Living Arts Corporation started its mission to create art and performance and use it to assist others, whether they are marginalized families or other artists struggling to do their work.

In May 2019, the team went to Cambodia to listen and learn how the organization can be of service to emerging arts, organizations, and communities. The team has launched an online magazine to cover Cambodia’s contemporary art culture scene called Magical Cambodia – a cultural rebirth.

The Living Arts Corporation, says Jinx, supports artists in need and marginalized communities in personal and unobtrusive ways so they may keep their dignity as they face challenges. 

Those looking to shop art – from home decor to wall arts – can check out all original art for sale available on the Just Jinx website.


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