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The Invincible Vulnerability of the Heart

I have been feeling vulnerable after receiving a round of requests for assistance by artists in nations where hunger is now a daily reality. These individuals were seriously vulnerable to suffering. I was vulnerable to my financial ability to assist them and each of us was uncomfortable with the conversations that occurred. We all felt weak but the opposite was true. We were brave and we shared our truths (or at least most of us did). We need to remind ourselves that vulnerability is not weakness. It is our strength.  Everything will not go your way, nor should it do so. It is when life wrestles with you that we mature, and seldom before. We cannot evolve into our potential when we remain frustrated and …

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Sitting with Pain

Photo by Haley Kean Most of us don’t know what to do with our own pain and rarely do me know how to support others in their pain and grief.  Pain is not to be ignored. It is not to be consoled with platitudes that somehow all will pass. Pain is pain. It only asks that you sit with it. There is a lot of pain out there in this nanosecond of earth’s history. Pandemics, starvations, genocides, climate change, conflicts, deaths, fear, inequality, oppression, and huge losses of income surround us. Uncertainty hangs in the air. My inbox and social media messages are full of it. My mind wants to fix it and I know I cannot.  The coffers of my limited income or my …

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Irony, Mystery & the Collective Unconscious

Which of these paintings sold for $5.71 million? On June 27, 2019, I posted this to my Facebook page. Painting still remains a mystery to me. One of these paintings just sold for £4.5 million ($5.71 million). The other was just painted a few hours ago as part of my personal therapy and playtime. I don’t think when I paint. I just paint for hours on end and get very, very dirty. I love it…and I do it solely for my own enjoyment. I am feeling a bit weird. Either I am in sync some strange way or I just unconsciously plagiarized, albeit rather poorly, an artist I have never heard about.Yesterday and today I painted eight paintings after purchasing a lot of frames and old paintings …

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The Democratization of Art Has Arrived

Randi Jane Davis paints street art on the hospital wall outside of Tribe Art Gallery Cambodia I have visited far more art galleries than I could ever count. Some were stuffy with a privileged and arrogant attitude while others were celebratory and welcoming. Regardless of where or what kind of a gallery it was I always heard a friend or stranger express similar frustration. “I’m tired of seeing art I love and knowing I will never be able to afford it.” I get it. I have never been able to afford it either. The only art I ever purchased were prints made from artists I knew and wanted to support and 2 originals. Typically, I paid between $150-$250 for the prints of the originals and …

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Taking First Steps

Taking First Steps Photography by Yang Miao My year-old grandson took his first solo steps this week. My son sent me the video. The child is standing and leaning on the couch next to his mother’s legs. The father is standing by a door and calls, “Come here, Buddy. Come here”. The toddler laughs, turns, and suddenly starts walking towards his father. He makes 6 or 7 steps before he falls and is scooped up by a beaming Dad. Children don’t plan to start walking. Plans are great but they won’t get us walking. We learn by starting. We take that first step. Across the decades of my life, I have been many things: a one-room school teacher; a pineapple picker; an actress, a children’s …

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